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  • Step 1: Choosing Your Skill

    Using our digital vault, learn how to turn a skill, passion, or even just a hobby and sharing that information with someone else for money. You are helping bridge the gap from where you are in such skill to the client. Best part, EVERYONE has a skill that people will pay for.

  • Step 2: Website Creation

    Effectively market your eGuide and/or coaching by creating a website. Using a website, or some other sales medium provides an efficient sales funnel for people to see your value, then express it with dollars.

  • Step 3: Fill in the Blank Policy Outlines

    One of the biggest turn offs for new entrepreneurs can actually be the stress of all the different required policies. It seems like something that a lawyer needs to be hired for, but actually no. We will give you madlib style policy outlines to make it easy.

  • Step 4: Implement the CORE FOUR

    Set up your systems for Paid Ads, Cold Reach Outs, Warm Reach Outs, and Content Creation, to bring in thousands of engaged leads per day.

    Use our given ad templates, email scripts, and targeted cold reach out system.

  • Step 5: Process for turning leads into $$$

    Convert your leads into paying clients by using the sales process we will provide you with. The best part is that you will get higher conversion rates the more you do it, so the work speaks for itself.

  • Step 6: The art of the Bonus, Scarcity, and Testimonials.

    Enhance your offer with limited time bonuses, time based or money based scarcity, and an array of testimonials or reviews. These are way easier to incorporate than you think!

  • Access to Mentor Calls

    After working with you one on one to launch your online business, you will have the ability to sign up for calls to guide you as you scale.

  • Free Media Attention

    Through the Invoco Launch Program, we'll use our connections in the media space, as well as through our own accounts to make your brand known.

  • (Almost) Instant Support

    You will have constant access to communication, to us and to entrepreneurs in a similar position as your self.

Why a digital product compared to other business models?

People love the idea of making money and building something of their own. They make their business baby and feel attatched to it. However, business sucks. Supplier issues causing tens of thousands of dollars in set backs, money vanished into the ether with just bad advertisements, and raising money can be really hard these days.

The idea of a digital product such as an eGuide or coaching program is that their is no stress of inventory, everyone knows a skill that can be monitized, and there are little need for large investments upfront or employees.

Oh yea, you can also work from anywhere or even in addition to a current job. Pretty sweet right?

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